Eighteen years after he came into her life, this woman has a special question for her stepdad YouTube screenshot

Lizzie Allred Timmons’ mother’s husband, Bill Swindle, had been in her life for almost 18 years. But this Father’s Day, she wanted to make it official.

“Having granddaddy as a father figure was fantastic, but I still wanted my own dad,” she wrote on Facebook. “I was so happy when mom and dad got married. I’m so very happy to say that now, not only will he be my daddy in my heart, but he’ll also be my daddy by law.”

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For Father’s Day, Timmons wrote Swindle a heartfelt note and gave him adoption papers asking him to officially adopt her.

“That is better than anything I could have ever gotten,” he said, hugging her. “I love you, baby.”

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