Ellen DeGeneres has a big surprise for this 9-year-old superfan Screenshot/ EllenTube

Ellen DeGeneres showed how much she cares about her fans on a recent episode of “Ellen.”

Nine-year-old Z’niyah Williams and her mom Joy were invited to the “Ellen” set after Joy sent in a letter telling DeGeneres how big a fan her daughter was of her show.

“‘If I could get tickets, I’d win her over for life,'” the letter read. “‘As a matter of fact, she’s breathing down my neck right now proofreading what I write you.'”

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Z’niyah and Joy sat on the “Ellen” couch and told DeGeneres about how she helped a foreign transfer student learn English and how she wants to be a photographer. Inspired by this, DeGeneres gifted her with a new digital camera and a personalized camera bag.

Joy also told DeGeneres how she dealt with a thyroid disease and how it hurt their family. Z’niyah also said she wants to someday go to Harvard University like Michelle Obama.

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“It’s one of the best schools ever, and I want them to challenge me to actually be really good at my dreams,” Z’niyah explained.

In order to help Z’niyah with her dreams, DeGeneres and Walmart teamed up to donate $25,000 for her future education.

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