Ellen DeGeneres was at a loss of words when Kanye West delivered a passionate rant on her show

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Videos by Rare

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the best interviewers on TV right now. She’s welcomed actors, musicians, athletes, designers, politicians and even social media stars to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and always manages to get along brilliantly with her guests.

But she definitely wasn’t ready for Kanye West in full-on Kanye mode.

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West has landed himself in hot water on several occasions this year for Twitter rants and feuds, some of the incidents even lead people to wonder if West was in the midst of a psychological breakdown. “Has Kanye West lost his damn mind?” was a question very frequently floated during the early months of 2016. However, avid Kanye fans maintained that he was simply misunderstood, and sharply calculating every one of his actions.

DeGeneres asked West about his Tweeting and his family during an appearance on her show. West was reserved in his responses at first, mostly giving DeGeneres one-word answers to all of her questions. But things took a turn when DeGeneres asked West about his Tweet requesting $53 million from Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The cheerful host could not have possibly expected what happened next, as Kanye West unleashed a rant so fierce that DeGeneres was left in stunned silence — along with the audience. West touched upon the experiences of his parents, the horrible nature of bullying, personal expression, and even race in America.

If you want to jump right to the good stuff, West gets really into it at about the two minute mark.

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