Ellen tries to be J.Lo’s understudy and pays homage to her iconic Grammys dress

The Ellen Show/YouTube/Screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In a recent episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Ellen headed to Las Vegas to visit singer Jennifer Lopez at her “All I Have” residency and offered to be the singer’s understudy for the evening. And to prove that she was a worthy candidate, she showed up in a familiar looking green dress.


“We don’t really do, like, understudies … There are no understudies in these type of shows,” Lopez responded. “It’s called ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have,’ and so it’s hard for it to be like, ‘Jennifer Lopez, but it’s not Jennifer Lopez, it’s Ellen.’”

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DeGeneres eventually appeared on stage before Lopez’s performance. “I have an announcement to make. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez is perfectly healthy and she will be appearing tonight. I will not be playing the part of Jennifer Lopez, so let’s all try to enjoy the show, shall we?” she joked.

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