Ellen DeGeneres’ team decided to have a little fun with their very observant TV host on Tuesday when they hid “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson in her studio audience.

DeGeneres informed the audience that she was told by her team that she had 15 minutes to find the mystery guest, and she’d been given some clues to help. After a quick scan of the room, she found a bunch of her writers and producers in disguises, but no mystery guest.

With the next clue, DeGeneres was allowed to take her hunt into the audience for a full minute of a closer look. She zeroed in on a man who just didn’t look right sitting with a group of women and questioned his legitimacy.

“Are you with that man? Do you know him?” she asked the woman sitting next to him, who did say she knew him. Tricky, tricky!

DeGeneres read her next clue to the room.

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“He did not play a character in ‘Finding Dory.’ That is not a hint,” she said. “He is part of an Emmy Award winning family. I’m thinking ‘Modern Family.'”

DeGeneres took another loop around the audience before guessing she was looking for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and heading back to the man in question.

“You came with him?” she asked those sitting next to him. “No, you didn’t.” To keep his cover, Ferguson tried kissing the audience member next to him, employing a fake accent in an attempt to throw DeGeneres off.

But nothing gets by Ellen!

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