Emmy Rossum Reveals Her ‘Actual Weight’ to Break the Scale Stigma

It can be hard to scrape a bit of positive news from Hollywood these days, but that’s exactly why this story stood out to me. Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime’s Shameless alongside William H. Macy, might float under the radar in your celebrity news, but this is the perfect time to start paying attention to the Shameless actress who is using her platform to inspire and encourage her fans.

While the bodies worshipped by Hollywood and the tabloid machine are so unattainable, Rossum is working hard to encourage body positivity on social media for everyone. If you’re older, this might sound silly as it’s easy to feel comfortable in your own skin over time. This empowering message, however, was really dedicated to her Instagram followers, especially those who are at the young, impressionable age. First, Rossum asked her fans to check out her Instagram story.


The 31-year-old actress tagged I Weigh in the post, signaling that the message was part of a larger campaign by 32-year-old Jameela Jamil who you might know from The Good Place. The movement began to promote body positivity and encourage everyone to look beyond the number on the scale.

Here’s the Shameless star in action for the campaign, listing off the core values and accomplishments that contribute to her ‘actual weight’ or her value. She listed:

“3 best friends since kindergarten, drive, kindness, empathy, makes friends with strangers, Jewish and proud, Daughter, 100+ hours of television, the courage it takes everyday to overcome ptsd, one happy marriage, 3 episodes of television directed, countless hours of therapy, one finished screenplay, and animal rescuer.”

Emmy Rossum I Weigh Body Positivity
Instagram: Emmy Rossum

She then followed up this list of achievements and proud moments with this telling message that really focuses on the core of the I Weigh movement.

“See, when you add up everything you are?? The size of your thighs don’t really matter matter anymore, do they?!”

Emmy Rossum I Weigh Body Positivity
Instagram: Emmy Rossum

Now if only Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood would take up this message of positive body image, we might be in better shape. Instead, they’re getting in petty fights over who will and won’t attend a magazine shoot to no doubt show off those unattainable bodies.

More TV shows should cast normal-looking folks in roles instead of celebrating an ideal Hollywood body type, which has shifted over time from voluptuous and soft to rail thin to voluptuous again. While most of us will never walk the red carpet, why don’t we deserve to feel like we’re acceptable enough to do just that? It all starts with your outlook!

These women have joined in, sharing their best traits, too.

If you took part in this challenge, what words would describe you? Start a conversation with our community in the comments!

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