Florence Henderson lights up the screen in this 1958 Oldsmobile commercial BJ's RECORDS & NOSTALGIA/YouTube

The legendary Florence Henderson passed away this week at the age of 82. But she left us with many things to remember her by and honor her legacy.

One of these things is this vintage 1958 car commercial for Oldsmobile.

She and her singing partner sing a song called “Oldsmobility.”

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“Long before Florence Henderson starting driving a Ford station wagon in the Brady Bunch or developed a fixation for Wesson Oil she was singing the virtues of the Rocket Oldsmobile for a show called ‘The Big Record’,” YouTube account BJ’s RECORDS & NOSTALGIA writes on YouTube.

Henderson died late Thursday night of heart failure.

Weeks before her death, Henderson got in front of the camera in a big way as she reprised her role of “Carol Brady” on “Dancing With The Stars” for a dance dedicated to the famed TV program.

Though she was only on screen for a few moments, the audience loved it.

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