Hallmark Star Brennan Elliott Champions His Wife After Her 16th Round of Chemo

Brennan Elliott called Cami, his wife, ‘a warrior.’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Brennan Elliott, star of the upcoming Hallmark movie Marry Go Round, is proudly standing by his wife during her long battle with cancer.

The actor gave People an update on his wife’s condition while at Christmas Con in Pasadena, California, over the weekend. Brennan Elliott called Cami, his wife, “a warrior.”

“She’s hanging in there. She finished her last eighth round of chemo,” Brennan Elliott reportedly said. “Well, she’s done 16 over the last two or three years.”

Brennan Elliott Opens Up About His Wife’s Struggle

Brennan Elliott said on his Instagram account in April that his wife was suffering from stage IV metastatic gastric cancer.

“Those closest to me know that my Wife Cami has had several bouts with cancer in the past but now she embarks on a new journey as a Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer patient,” the statement said. “There is no one I consider braver, stronger, more Fearless even when you’re Faced with a sinister opponent who never plays fair.”

The post continued: “Even after countless surgeries and chemotherapy rounds, She forges ahead into spring taking on the one of the most aggressive types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. As you all know me to be a very private person, this feels scary and exposing but If there is any hope that her story can help Even one person, then her cancer Experience Was Not Done in vain. Please keep @Camilla_row in your prayers. #stomachcancer #hopeforstomachcancer #prayersforhealing #stage4needsmore

Brennan Elliott disclosed to People that the reaction to his post was overwhelming.

“We had like over a million people praying for her in like two days,” he said.

Elliott called the outpouring of support “a testament” to fans of the Hallmark Channel.

Marry Go Round will debut September 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The Hallmark Channel.

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