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A “Price is Right” contestant demonstrated just how eager she was to make it onstage to meet host Drew Carey, and the moment left the audience gasping. The contestant, named Sona, was so enthusiastic at being called to “come on down” that she ran right into the arms of the 59-year-old host, tackling him in the process. But that’s not all — in his fall Carey, nearly tumbled off the edge of the stage into the audience before catching himself. Sona apologized profusely, but Carey, ever a good sport, assured her that he was “fine” with a smile on his face the whole time. The show’s announcer George Gray hilariously asked the contestant, “Sona, do not break the host or our set, and then I will say, ‘How’d you like a brand new car?’”

Now that we know Carey is perfectly fine, it’s hard not to laugh at the entertaining moment.

According to US Weekly, Sona didn’t end up taking home the car, but she’ll always have the knowledge that she managed to sweep Drew Carey off his feet — literally.

Carey celebrated his tenth anniversary as host of the long running television this past September. Since taking over from Bob Barker, it’s clear that the comedian is loved (maybe too much!) by viewers and his coworkers alike. Former model Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith recently gushed over Carey months after hanging up her game show heels in October.

“When Drew Carey stepped in, he was so very happy to make changes and bring ‘Price is Right’ into a new era,” she told Fox News. “He celebrates women and uplifts them.”

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“I will always be grateful to Drew,” the mother of five continued. “Before I was married, I was a single mother with a daughter, and he held a high respect for me because of that. I was working with such a respectable man. I’ve never had any concerns of sexual harassment with him. It was actually the opposite. I was embraced and empowered by working with him.”

She called her departure from the series “bittersweet” for her and Carey both.

“He was very teary-eyed. But he was happy for me…He’s always been supportive.”

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