“He’s perfect the way God made him”: Watch this little girl beautifully speak up for her brother

Archie Eicher was abandoned by his Bulgarian mother after she found out he had Down syndrome. He found a new American family and a sister who loves him for who he is.

“Lots of people say Archie’s so different, but he’s just like any other kid,” sister Ace said in this 2012 video for World Down Syndrome Day.

The pair gets along like any other siblings, for better or worse. Archie, though older than Ace, was adopted in 2011. Since then, they’ve gotten a new baby brother, Radko.

“I wouldn’t change everything about Archie [just[ because he has Down syndrome,” she said. “I wouldn’t take that away. He’s perfect the way God made him.”

Ace was clearly well-spoken for a girl her age. Her family has a blog where they share the adventures of their very special household, starting from the journey that led them to Archie.

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