Hoda Kotb reveals how she kept her adoption of Haley Joy a secret from nearly everyone

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In February, “TODAY” host Hoda Kotb revealed she had secretly adopted a daughter and now, she’s sharing how she did it.

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In a new interview with E! News, the new mom spilled about the adoption process and how she made sure to keep it under wraps until it was finalized.

“I started the application process in the fall and they said, ‘We can’t make any promises. We wish you good luck. Wait wisely,'”  Kotb said. “I lived my life but in my journal every night I scribbled ‘Please God, if you can…'”

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Kotb was overjoyed when her wish came true on Valentine’s Day but revealed she only trusted a few close family members and co-host Kathie Lee Gifford with the news before going public.

“I’m in my office and I’m FaceTiming somebody for some story about God only knows what. My phone has the word ‘project’ on it as a contact and I use the word ‘project’ so I wouldn’t slip up and say ‘adoption’ because I was trying to keep it very private. Kath, my family and a couple friends knew,” she explained. “I saw the word ‘project’ and I stopped the FaceTime and I stopped everything. I took out a yellow pad and I wrote 11:54 a.m. This is the moment it all changed.”

Kotb added, “The woman on the other end said, ‘She’s here’ and that was it.”

She even said that when baby items would arrive to her apartment, she told the delivery man she was hosting a shower.

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“It’s a crib. Yay, it’s a rocker. Yay, Pampers arrived,” she joked. “There was a point when the cat had to be brought out of the bag and that’s when I revealed here on the show.”

Kotb returned to “TODAY” on this week after taking maternity leave to bond with her new baby. She was welcomed back with open arms by fans and fellow anchors but the whole day was very emotional for the TV veteran.

“I’m feeling great. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy,” she said through joyful tears.

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