Hours before his death, Chris Cornell played his biggest song one last time Uncle Sam-Alive in Detroit/YouTube
Uncle Sam-Alive in Detroit/YouTube

On Thursday night, rocker Chris Cornell was found dead at age 52. Hours before his death, Cornell and his reunited band, Soundgarden, played a sold out show on their current tour. Throughout the show, Cornell looked energetic, happy and healthy, which adds a further envelope of shock around his death.

Midway through the set, Cornell and his band played “Black Hole Sun.” The 1994 hit is arguably one of the most popular rock songs of all time, and is easily Soundgarden’s most identifiable song.

“I remember finishing the demo and being really happy with how it turned out. It wasn’t an arduous process, but I wasn’t sure the band would like it. Everybody liked it straight away, but I didn’t get the sense everybody thought it would work on a record,” Cornell once told the Huffington Post of the song’s breakthrough success.

“We all wanted it to be on the album but it wasn’t any of us who thought it would be a single. I didn’t think, lyrically, it would be anything that would be popular. I guess the repetitive chorus and the moodiness of it, but lyrically it’s pretty dark. To think it was going to be an international hit is strange. But I guess we have to feel lucky.”

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The final song of Cornell’s life came later in the evening with a performance of “Slaves & Bulldozers.”

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