Keeping Track Of Tommy Lee’s List of Wives

Metal band Mötley Crüe drummer, rockstar Tommy Lee has lived his rockstar dream. From tours, tattoos, to crazy fan adoration and founding his band, Methods of Mayhem.

He has also ‘adored’ his fair share of women, having married four times and started families, as well. If you’re finding yourself needing a bunch of Mötley Crüe in your life right now, check out Netflix’s The Dirt about the world’s most notorious band and the influential people they crossed {paths with}.

(If you care, it was one of the best rockumentry movies I’ve seen in a long time. But, be ye warned, it gets heavy.)

Back to the point: Tommy Lee and his four marriages…

First up, is:

Elaine Starchuk

Not a whole lot is known about the celeb drummers’ first wife. They dated in the ’80s for a few years before getting married. She was a model and worked at the playboy penthouse, run by high Heffner. She and Tommy Lee were married for a week before calling it quits. After their divorce, she became a teacher and lived a life far from the gritty world of rockstars.

Heather Locklear

Tommy Lee’s marriage to television personality ex-wife Heather Locklear was his most well-known and publically followed. She was a tv star in Dynasty and he met her at a party. They married on May 10, 1986, in Santa Barbara. Lee wore a leather white tuxedo and his bride a long gown. They lived happily for a while, remaining married for almost a decade. Eight years, specifically, of marriage came to an end when Lee was exposed to have been cheating.

Pamela Anderson

The start of this marriage was wild. They tied the knot after knowing each other for only a solid 96 hours, after meeting on New Years Ee at a club called Sanctuary. They married on the beach, with Anderson in a bikini. They shocked the world with their whirlwind romance and marriage and their sex tape. Which according to Anderson, it was just their sexcapades on vacations that were stolen from their home in 1995. The marriage did yield two children Brandon and Dylan but did not last long. Through the duration of their marriage, Lee was arrested for spousal abuse of Anderson. He was even arrested for it. The claim goes that he kicked her in the kitchen while she was holding their son. The situation was caused because she didn’t want to call her parents and cancel their impending visit. After a nasty court situation where Tommy Lee pled no contest to felony spousal battery, they divorced in 1998. .They did see each other from time to time after that. They even made public appearances, even up until 2008.

She accused him of giving her Hep C, because of the shared tattoo needles. Lee has since had altercations with his son Brandon after lee tweeted shit-talking Anderson.

Brittany Furlan

Lee’s newest wife, Brittany Furlan, is a social media star known for her youtube and as an ex-Vine star. Her known for her outrageous skits, The American Meme, vine videos, and personality brought her to many people’s eyes on social media platforms.  Her focus is now on continuing to grow her Instagram and her podcast Worst Firsts, and TikTok. The couple just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary at the start of this year, on a romantic Valentine’s Day. She is the youngest of Lee’s wives. Proposed and made her his fiance on Valentine’s day 2018. The 24-year gap between them puts her at 33 and him at 57, but they love to show each other off. For example, the post, when they got married, she posted to her social media, “Holy sh**balls!!!! We did it!!!! Mr & Mrs. Lee.” ☺️❤️MR & MRS LEE YAHOOOOOOOO.” And his post, semi-recently of her in a swimsuit bikini boasting to the world about her ‘natural body.’ cute.

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