Howie Mandel has never been happier than he was when Ellen DeGeneres had him try on a romper Screenshot/Ellentube

Howie Mandel’s romper just made him feel like rompin’!

On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Mandel bravely put on a male romper after DeGeneres told him she had one backstage just for him.

After donning the romper and returning to the stage, Mandel just couldn’t stay in his seat!

“It’s for rompin’!” he said before galloping around the stage. “I want to get this for all of my friends!”

“I am going to build a room in my house! It’s going to be a romper room!” Mandel said before taking a seat to catch his breath. “I’ll be fine.”

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Mandel couldn’t get the words of excitement out before taking another romp around the room. When he glanced out into the audience, he noticed some of the women fanning themselves and in hysterics.

“Look at the girls going crazy!” he said. “Hey ladies, this is taken! Not available!”

DeGeneres couldn’t control her laughter until she realized Mandel was bleeding all over her white chair.

“Oh my God. I have been in a horrible romper accident,” he said, breathlessly. “Oh my God. Oh my God. You see guys on the internet. You see guys wearing it and you go, ‘oh, I’ll get one. What could happen?’ You can’t just romp!”

Then he totally lost it and started screaming.

The romper was just too much for him!

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