Melissa Rivers revealed what her late mother would have thought of longtime family friend Kathy Griffin today, as the comedian is still making headlines over her headless President Trump photo controversy.

“I think [my mom’s] feeling would be the same as mine … It’s just really sad and really troubling that she is so unhappy,” Rivers said. “This is someone that we’ve known for so long and been part of our lives for so long on a personal level, your larger concern is that someone is that desperately unhappy right now that they’re lashing out the way that they are.”

Comedienne Kathy Griffin, right, and comedienne and roastee Joan Rivers arrive at the “Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers” in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 26, 2009. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

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“It’s just bad that someone you know is so unhappy,” she added.

Griffin made a bold statement earlier this year when she posed for a photo shoot holding the fake, bloodied, severed head of the president, causing widespread outrage. While she initially apologized for the photo in the midst of losing booked appearances and comedy tour spots, she has since revoked her apologies on at least two occasions, saying she’s not sorry for what she did.

The comedian appeared on Rivers’ show “Fashion Police” for months following the iconic fashion critic’s death in 2015 and hasn’t spoken to Melissa Rivers since.

“It’s not like we talked a lot before, so it’s not unusual,” she said.

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If the late Joan Rivers was still with us, this is what she’d think of pal Kathy Griffin today AP Photo/Dan Steinberg
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