Female rapper Iggy Azalea may be undecided about having kids, but her friend’s weird baby buying habit has her far more confused.

The rapper issued a tweet sharing that she regularly wants a baby until “Im [sic] with one for more than 2 hours and then… I want money instead,” joking that at least money “doesn’t s**t it’s [sic] pants.”

The rapper then switched dials, telling a story of one of her friend’s bizarre habits.

“I have a friend (I’ll save the embarrassment and not name names) who has no kids but buys baby clothing and shoes when we go shopping. She’s done this for years now,” she tweeted.

She continued, “Once we were in ‘bape kids’ & the store clerk was like ‘what size is the baby?’ And she was nottttt having it. ‘It’s small!’ ‘Oh okay how many months old’ Hahahahaha b**ch she was not here for the questions about her ghost kid.”

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Azalea revealed that her friend is in a relationship and once asked the musician, “Do you think my boyfriend would think this is creepy?”

A bewildered fan wondered what Azalea’s friend did with the stores of unnecessary baby clothes, to which the “Bounce” rapper replied, “I have no clue.” According to Azalea, “[her friend] could have [a baby] anytime she likes, she just really likes mini clothing I think.”

Some users tossed up their own hilarious theories for why the friend was building a personal Baby R’s Us. One user joked, “She’s probably got a tea part[y] of baby dolls in her attic and every night she goes up there and they all talk and laugh with each other. You need to face the possibility your friend might be the mad hatter.”

Whatever the reason, hopefully her friend’s boyfriend won’t find out because someone’s definitely got babies on the brain!


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