Jennifer Aniston spilled one of her most private secrets in this tell-all game of “Never Have I Ever” YouTube/Ellen DeGeneres Show
YouTube/Ellen DeGeneres Show

If there’s anything you ever wanted to know about Jennifer Aniston, you can probably learn it in this game of “Never Have I Ever.”

On Wednesday, the actress stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and revealed some of her deepest secrets to the studio audience.

DeGeneres didn’t start off with any softballs and went straight for the juicy details. “Never have I ever joined the Mile High Club,” she said.

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Aniston hesitated a bit before revealing that she in fact, is a member of the coveted airplane-nookie club! Fun fact: DeGeneres is also a member! But, the details are even juicier! Aniston then revealed that she became a member of the Mile High Club in the cockpit!

And, DeGeneres pressed on, “with the pilot.”

“Oh God,” Aniston said and raised her paddle to reveal “I have.”

“And, the co-pilot. And, the flight attendant,” DeGeneres said as Aniston kept her paddle raised. “While eating a bag of peanuts.”

“What?!” Aniston exclaimed. “Well, that’s just disgusting!”

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