Jessa Duggar pens a heartfelt love note to her husband on their third anniversary


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Happy third wedding anniversary to the Ben and Jessa (neé Duggar) Seewald!

On Nov. 1, 2014, the Duggar daughter wed Seewald in front of 1,000 guests at a Arkansas ceremony. In honor of their third anniversary, she took to Instagram and her family’s website with a beautiful tribute to Seewald.

“I thought that we’d reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago,” she wrote alongside a photo from their wedding day.

On the Seewald family website, Jessa shared even more details of their love with fans.

“Sure, we worked through our squabbles and disagreements, like anyone else. But because of your meekness and gentleness in the midst of trials, I always come out loving you even more,” she wrote. “God is constantly opening my eyes to the many blessings, big and small, that I’ve received through you…and my heart overflows with gratefulness.”

Jessa wrote that her husband’s love and devotion to Christ has “brought tears to [her] eyes.”

“I have loved our recently developing family devotions, as you lead us in prayer and reading the word. And though I laughed a bit and felt a teeny bit awkward at first, I’m now especially loving the aspect of singing together, with the boys, in family worship,” she wrote.

The Seewalds share two sons, Spurgeon, who turns two on Nov. 5 and Henry, 8 months.

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She continued to list what she loves about her doting husband writing, “You are my calm when things are going haywire. Over and over, I’ve heard you say, ‘It’ll be ok, Babe, just take a deep breath.’ And it’s just what I’ve needed at that very moment. You know when I’m stressed you do whatever to help lighten my load.”

Jessa also thanked her husband for motivating her to adopt a healthy lifestyle, saying “I definitely eat wayyy less McDonalds french fries and cheeseburgers now. Haha!” However, she does say he indulges her sometimes, writing that he “even gave up our original steakhouse idea and treated me to [a Whopper] from Burger King on last year’s anniversary… because I hadn’t had one in years, and it was a ‘pregnancy craving.'”

She even loves that he doesn’t mind sharing the food on his plate with her instead of simply ordering more because she finds sharing to be “romantic.”

“I know it may sound dumb, but that really makes me feel loved. This is one of those little things that I just love about you,” she wrote. “Thanks for these little selfless expressions of love.”

“You’re one of the most down-to-earth and humble people I know. I love that we have fun and laugh together. I love your made-up jokes and your cheesy play on words. You have me laughing out loud all the time. I genuinely love your sense of humor,” she added.

Jessa wrapped up the sweet love not writing, “Happy anniversary, Benjamin. I think the world of you!”

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