The Secret Message Hidden on Dr. Jill Biden’s Inauguration Outfit

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Fashion was taken to the next level when it came to what people wore to celebrate President Joe Biden’s inauguration into the Oval Office. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, wore a beautifully-made white ensemble, consisting of a cashmere coat and silk dress. But the dress was amazing not only because of its design but because of what it stood for, as it was decorated with a symbolic secret message within the personal details.

New York fashion designer Gabriela Hearst had the honor of dressing the new First Lady, designing and assembling the dress in New York City. Dr. Biden’s gown’s floral embellishments included every state territory and federal flowers across the bottom of the jacket and over the chest and arms of the dress, taking two hours to embroider each flower. Hearst wrote on Instagram, “The message of Unity is the main inspiration for the creation of the Ensemble.”

First Lady Jill Biden’s Inauguration Concert Outfit’s Secret Message

Delaware’s state flower, a soft pink Peach Blossom, was symbolically embroidered at the “heart level of the First Lady” and “from there, all the other flowers branch out.”

Dr. Biden’s first outfit that morning, a teal dress, coat, and mask, was designed by Markarian, a brand designed by Alexandra O-Neill. The influential women who joined her were all nearly dressed in head-to-toe purple. Vice President Kamala Harris, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former First lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren wore the color of bipartisanship. According to a newsletter from the National Woman’s Party in the United States,

“Purple is the color of loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause. White, the emblem of purity, symbolizes the quality of our purpose; and gold, the color of light and life, is as the torch that guides our purpose, pure and unswerving.”

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Wears NYC-Based Label Markarian For Inauguration

Vice President Harris, the first Black and south Asian woman to become vice president in the White House, wore a violet jacket with her signature pearl necklace, a tribute to her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and purple gloves, designed by Black Designers Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson.

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