Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t letting Zac Efron go without answers about his recent run-in with Madonna

Zac Efron recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote the release of “Baywatch.” However, Kimmel seemed more interested in another appearance Efron had recently. Efron was recently spotted at a UFC fight in Madison Square Garden seated next to Madonna.

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Kimmel asked Efron what it was like to sit next to the “Rebel Heart” singer and his shock at realizing he would be seated next to her.

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“The seats are all named as you get close to the center of the ring. I kept getting closer and closer and I wasn’t seeing my name […] I see several famous people and then Madonna and then ‘Zac Efron’ and then it just ended  […] I was like ‘I’m next to Madonna this entire fight?'”

Efron also said she was “legit into the fight” and was screaming things like “It’s locked in! It’s locked in! He’s gonna choke him out!”

Kimmel then asked if it was possible Madonna was trying to seduce Efron while they were seated next to each other. Kimmel then played the footage of Efron and Madonna in the audience.

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“She is touching you a lot,” Kimmel said in response to footage of Madonna repeatedly tapping Efron’s chest.

The audience was also intrigued by a clip of Efron fixing his hair, loudly cheering with each stroke.

Efron did call Madonna “amazing,” and said that she did, in a way, “tap this.”

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