JLo’s twins stole the show when they crashed their mom’s interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” EllenTube

Jennifer Lopez might have some of the cutest kids in the biz!

Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, crashed the stage during one of JLo’s appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

As soon as they went onstage, Max hid behind his mom’s chair, while Emme embraced the spotlight and sat on her mother’s lap with the friendly a TV host.

“We see you back there,” DeGeneres said as a pouty Max reluctantly walked over to his mother and sat on her lap. “Are you angry? What’s that?”

“No, he’s the sweetest,” she said before Max wandered off again and hid in the fake coffee table between them. DeGeneres opened the box for Max, and he immediately got in and let her close the lid.

“Yay!” Emme cheered as her brother was locked away.

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“Maybe you need to get this at home,” DeGeneres joked. “Whenever you want to scare us, just go ahead and pop up.”

It wasn’t too long before Max decided to pop up and attempt to scare them all. DeGeneres played along and screamed.

DeGeneres then continued her interview with Emme.

“Are you a musician also? Do you sing? Do you play anything?” she asked.

“I’m a gamer,” Max’s voice came out from the box. Things took an even funnier turn when Max accidentally kicked the back panel out of the faux coffee table.

“I think you did that. We are going to sue you,” DeGeneres joked. “Your mom has a lot of money. We are going to sue her!”

How cute!

Before the kids took the stage, DeGeneres prodded into Lopez’s personal life and got the singer to dish about her relationship with baseball stud Alex Rodriguez.

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