Joanna Gaines looks absolutely stunning on the cover of the latest edition of the Magnolia Journal, but she revealed her toes paid a hefty price for that shot.

Joanna wore a stunning, floor-length skirt as she stood in freshly-fallen snow at Lake Tahoe for the cover shoot.

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“Seeing it now, on the cover, I think I look graceful,” the HGTV mega-star told PEOPLE. “I look like, ‘Oh, it’s just another day in the woods with snow.’ But I was actually slowly sinking, and I couldn’t feel my toes… It was pretty crazy.”

The entire shoot sounded a bit more chaotic than super-organized Joanna cares to be.

“We didn’t know where exactly we were gonna go. We just thought, ‘Okay, it’s snowing here,’” she recalls. “We parked on the side of the road, and we started running because we knew someone was gonna tow our car. But you can’t really run in snow that is four foot high. So the whole thing was an adventure.”

Joanna said a sled was hidden beneath that voluminous gown of hers in the stunning cover photo.

“I had to stand on that because I kept sinking in the snow,” Joanna said.

In fact, about four feet of snow blanketed the ground.

At the end of the day, the crew piled back in the car, thinking they didn’t get the cover shot, feeling like “every wrong thing was happening one after the other.”

Thankfully, they managed to get that amazing photo, and Joanna only wishes they had brought along a camera to document the unforgettable day.

Jessica Sooknanan is the Editor of Hot Topics. Hot Topics, a top-rated TV show airing in Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando, wraps the crazy viral stories of the week. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Georgia and joined the Rare team in 2016.
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