Josh Duggar Now Has A Release Date From Prison

Former reality star is in prison for child pornography charges

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Josh Duggar is due to be released from federal prison earlier than expected. Duggar will serve the bulk of a 12.5-year sentence related to child pornography charges, according to In Touch.

The former reality star is reportedly slated to leave FCI Seagoville, a correctional facility near Dallas, on August 12, 2032. It is a date which means he is set to spend fewer than 10 years behind bars.

Duggar was convicted in December of charges connected to the receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography. He was housed at a detention center in Arkansas, then transferred to the Texas prison.

The judge in the case denied Duggar’s request for a new trial roughly two months ago.

U.S. Attorneys handled prosecution in the case.

“This case represents a significant milestone for the Western District of Arkansas and our continued efforts to combat child abuse,” one of the U.S. attorneys said in December. “Those who would say that children who were photographed and videoed in a manner similar to the evidence in this case are not abused and are not victims are clearly wrong. Children who are photographed and videoed in manners such as this are the victims and every time their videos and photos are traded online, uploaded, and downloaded from the internet, they are victimized again.”

What has the family said?

Amy King, Duggar’s cousin, took to Twitter to comment on the December verdict.

“Justice has been served,” she Tweeted. “May the juror’s and Judge Brooks seek healing / counseling from all that was exposed to them”.

She continued, “May the children grow up with real Godly men as father figures who will guide and protect them. May the people who were once in disbelief have their eyes opened for the first time.”

Duggar is the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting. The hit TLC show followed the Duggar family as they managed a household with 19 children.

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  1. He did the crime….he should pay the time. Also…should never be allowed around young children even his own. He messed up his life big time. He can never repay to his sisters what he did to them.

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