Judd Apatow weighs in on his friend Artie Lange’s arrest

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Artie Lange and Judd Apatow are both very much behind-the-scenes kind of guys. While Apatow is indubitably a giant in the movie industry and Lange was one of the voices behind the wildly popular sketch show “Mad TV,” we rarely see either of them on camera. Nevertheless, the comedy world was shaken at reports that Lange was arrested on drug charges.

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NJ.com reported that Lange was found in his garage in Hoboken, New Jersey. The police reportedly “found cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia in Lange’s possession, both on him and in his car.”

After news of Lange’s arrest had broken, he tweeted, “Hey guys. I was arrested. I’m doing great.”

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On Twitter, Apatow expressed his support for his fellow comic, who has a history of addiction, writing, “We would never give up on Artie or anyone struggling with addiction.”

Apatow’s tweet was in response to another Twitter user who asked that Apatow “not give up on Lange.”


That tweet was also sent out to comedian and writer Pete Holmes. Holmes has not responded.

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