Justin Bieber shows of his spiritual side while enjoying a topless airplane journey

Justin Bieber/Instagram

Pop sensation Justin Bieber might be in touch with his spiritual side, but he’s not afraid to let it all hang out.

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The 23-year-old singer shared a cheeky topless Instagram snap of himself reading the Bible on an airplane with the caption “Wowzers.”

As you can see, Bieber’s very fond his tattoos, particularly the gigantic one he has on his torso.

The controversial pop star revealed his newest ink last October to his legions of adoring Instagram followers via a video and a some selfies.

The huge piece — that covers most of the singer’s torso — features what appears to be gothic imagery such as skeletons, gargoyles and architecture.  It’s clear that Justin is incredibly proud of the design, but not everyone is impressed: “Please justin thats too much. We love you so much but thats too much. I’m sorry…” one commented, while another posted: “Justin, I love you so much. I know, that’s ur body but can we, your belieber, ask you to stop having tattoo? Thats too much. Love you.”

Bieber was tattooed by New York City-based tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who frequently tattoos celebrities. Bang Bang also documented Bieber’s tattoo on Instagram.

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Many celebrity relationships end on bad terms, and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s was no exception. But, remarkably, they were able to reconcile, and are now back together after a hiatus during which they both dated other people.

The cat escaped the bag back in October, when Bieber and Gomez were photographed by TMZ sitting across from each other at a tiny cafe table. This wasn’t the only time they were seen together, however. The pair, formerly known as “Jelena,” were later seen attending church services together.

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