Justin Timberlake just gave Ellen DeGeneres the sweetest present for her 60th birthday

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Justin Timberlake gave Ellen DeGeneres a little birthday love on Friday’s show.

The superstar singer, who is currently rehearsing for his upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, called in to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Jan. 26 to celebrate the host’s 60th birthday.

“Hi, Justin!” DeGeneres exclaimed.

“Hey, baby,” he greeted. “I’m so sorry I can’t be there to kick off your birthday week but I have to make sure we are great.”

DeGeneres told the singer that she is excited to tune in to his Halftime Show and asked if he will be having any guests but he denied those rumors, introducing he background singers and dancers, the Tennessee Kids.

“You’re welcome to come out with me if you want,” he said. “You’re very good at dancing, too.”

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“You’re sweet and no,” DeGeneres said.

Timberlake then asked producers to bring out his birthday gift to the host, a huge, bright vase filled with pink peonies. The Tennessee Kids also took credit for the gift even though Timberlake clearly sent them himself.

Then, DeGeneres hit Timberlake with her special birthday wish. She asked him if he would make up some sort of Macarena-esque dance to signal to her during his Halftime Show performance.

“And, then some sort of rubbing of the stomach in a sexual way,” she suggested.

“Okay, well, you are my other girl,” he said. “Although, that feels creepy.”

“You’ll make it look good,” she said. “I want you to make it like your thinking of me and that it’s more sexual.”

Her birthday wish was granted when Timberlake stood and gave her his best sexy belly rub.

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Before signing off, Timberlake and the Tenneesee Kids (along with the studio audience) sang “Happy Birthday” to DeGeneres!

She gave Timberlake and his team a virtual hug and kiss at the end of the song adding, “Thank you so much!”

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