Justin Timberlake performs during halftime at the NFL Super Bowl 52 AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Former boy band member turned solo artist, turned actor, turned dad Justin Timberlake performed at Sunday’s Super Bowl LII halftime show. While many speculated there would be a surprise appearance by Janet Jackson, or his former band members of NSYNC, he alternatively carried the show all by himself.

While there were many notable moments, including a marching band in tuxedos and a big tribute to musician Prince — who was from Minneapolis where the game is being held — if Twitter is any indication, many were left underwhelmed.

“[T]hat was rather underwhelming,” wrote Diana LaBoy.

Others sure shared her sentiment.

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Some viewers drew anger with Timberlake’s lip syncing.

“Timberlake’s lip-synching is worse than Millie Vanilli,” Blue Ocean View wrote.

To be fair, artists oftentimes opt to have certain elements of their performance prerecorded to reduce the chances of a technical or musical snafu.

One notable complaint was the tribute to Prince, which many people felt went against the deceased artist’s wishes.

Prince being featured, however, certainly was a special tribute to the city of Minneapolis, where Prince lived.

There seems to be some praise for the 13-minute performance, but by in large, people were generally unimpressed.

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