Kate Moss Comes Through As A Major Character Witness For Her Ex, Johnny Depp

In testimony earlier this month, Amber Heard referenced an alleged incident between Johnny Depp and previous girlfriend Kate Moss, when Depp was rumored to have pushed Moss down a flight of stairs during an argument.

Moss set the record straight during her testimony Tuesday via videolink in Depp’s defamation trial against Heard. The longtime model testified that rumors of Depp pushing her down a flight of stairs during a vacation in Jamaica were false.

“We were leaving the room and Johnny left the room before I did, and there had been a rainstorm,’ she told the court. As I left the room, I slid down the stairs and I hurt my back. I screamed because I didn’t know what had happened to me and I was in pain. He (Depp) came running back to help me, and carried me to my room, and got me medical attention.”

Moss made it very clear when asked by Depp’s attorney, Ben Chew, if Depp had ever “pushed her down the stairs” at any point during their relationship:

“No, he never pushed me, kicked me or pushed me down any stairs,” Moss said.

Moss’s testimony refutes Heard’s reference to the “stairs” rumor that Heard brought up during her testimony earlier this month.

While on the stand, Heard talked about an incident when Depp allegedly swung at her sister Whitney. Heard’s sister was near a staircase “in the line of fire, trying to get Johnny to stop amid the argument,” according to Heard.

Heard then said it “reminded” her of an alleged incident between Moss and Depp.

Heard told the court that she threw a can of Red Bull at Depp, which struck him in the back. She said he became enraged and followed her up a staircase, alleging that her sister intervened.

“[Whitney’s] back was to the staircase, and Johnny swings at her,’ Heard said. ‘I don’t hesitate, I don’t wait. I just, in my head, instantly think of Kate Moss and stairs.”

Heard then said that she “swung at him’. In all of my relationship to date with Johnny, I hadn’t landed a blow. And I, for the first time, hit him – like, actually hit him. Square in the face.”

“He didn’t push my sister down the stairs,” Heard testified.

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The courtroom has been wild the last several days with Depp taking the stand as a rebuttal witness, being mostly calm but breaking character several times with Jack Sparrow-like answers. Depp also has secured perception points as other experts for Heard’s team have made many, critical errors.

Arguments for both sides are scheduled to wrap on Friday, May 27, at that point the jury will then deliberate until they can agree on a verdict.

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  1. AH usurped public opinion from the “Me Too” movement and meshed it with a poorly scripted self victimizing scenario to attempt “sway the tide” against JD. The longer this trial continues, the more sinkholes in her story being brought to light, hopefully until she is finally trapped in one of her own making. She is her own worst enemy. You’re right JD, no one deserves what you are going through. It’s inhumane. AH you truly need to stop. You are destroying your livelihood. The bed you’re making for Johnny to sleep in is the one you’re actually preparing for yourself.

  2. I’ve been watching and how anyone could believe her story is beyond me. She has told so many lies and half truths that she’s mixing herself up. She can’t keep it straight. I don’t believe for one minute that he beat her up or even hit her. She did the hitting and is trying to blame him. Not a fan of hers at all now. Hope he wins and she has to pay him. That would be true justice.

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