Katie Couric Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Katie Couric has revealed she underwent treatment for breast cancer after she was diagnosed back in June. The veteran news anchor and journalist posted an update on her website sharing her experience about being diagnosed with the disease after she intentionally missed a mammogram. She revealed the last when she was back in 2020.

“Has the pandemic given me a skewed sense of time?” she asked. “If I had forgotten to schedule a mammogram, this might be a helpful reminder for other people, too.” She began to film her mammogram in order to share it with her audience as she previously did with several other medical procedures. But her doctor asked her to stop filming when she needed a biopsy. 

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“When I called back, Dr. Drossman [at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center] picked up right away. Your biopsy came back. It’s cancer. You’re going to be fine but we need to make a plan,’” she stated. “I felt sick and the room started to spin. I was in the middle of an open office, so I walked to a corner and spoke quietly, my mouth unable to keep up with the questions swirling in my head.”

Couric revealed that she was scared at that moment, reminiscing on the time she lost several family members to cancer. The journalist lost her husband Jay Monahan to cancer at the young age of 42. Her sister’s sister, Emily Couric passed away at 54 due to pancreatic cancer, and her mother-in-law, Carol Monahan to ovarian cancer. Her father and her mother are also cancer survivors. “Given my family’s history of cancer, why would I be spared? My reaction went from ‘Why me?’ to ‘Why not me?’” she noted.

She went on to say that breast cancer was a new diagnosis for all of her family. “During that 24-hour whirlwind, I found out that 85 percent of the 264,000 American women who are diagnosed every year in this country have no family history. I clearly had a lot to learn,” she stated.

Katie Couric Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Along with her doctor, they decided she would have breast conservation surgery in July, also known as a lumpectomy. The surgery was then to be followed by radiation, which she began on September 7th. She would also need to take medication for 5 years. She went on to detail the procedure, sharing that her staging was 1A and her Oncotype, which measures the likelihood of cancer returning to your body, was 19. This was considered low enough to not table for chemotherapy.

“I was warned that I may be fatigued and my skin may turn a little pink,” she writes of the radiation. “Yesterday was my final round. My left breast does look like I’ve been sunbathing topless, but other than that, I’ve felt fine.”

The journalist ended her post with several resources for breast cancer awareness, saying she plans to continue to educate all of her audience during the month of October. “Please get your annual mammogram. I was six months late this time. I shudder to think what might have happened if I had put it off longer. But just as importantly, please find out if you need additional screening.”

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