An impromptu performance between Kelly Clarkson and Keith Urban made the audience erupt into cheers at the Golden Globes.

The pair were presenting at the awards show Sunday when their brought their pipes together for a treat that left everyone with chills.

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After announcing the nominees for Best Original Film Song, Clarkson and Urban leaned into the microphone and harmonized together, “And the Golden Globe goes to!”

The performance may have lasted only four seconds, but it left everyone wanting more.

We all know the respect Urban has for Clarkson’s voice. In 2016, Clarkson brought him to tears with a performance of her song “Piece by Piece” on “American Idol.”

“The song, it’s insane. I figure you’re either crying at this performance or you need to check your pulse,” Urban told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s an amazing song.”

Clarkson wrote the song about her relationship with her father, who abandoned her as a child. During the performance, Clarkson was pregnant with her second child.

“I actually wrote it pregnant with my little girl and now I’m pregnant with my little boy. So if I don’t make it through and I start crying, just laugh. It’ll make me feel better.”

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