Comedian Kevin Hart accidentally drops ‘F-word’ during super bowl interview


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Kevin Hart drank a little bit too much at the Super Bowl.

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The comedian’s enthusiasm over the Philadelphia Eagles win against the New England Patriots Sunday night led to a series of wild antics that no one, including himself, is soon to forget. During the NFL Network’s post-game interview with Eagles player Fletcher Cox, Hart crashed the stage and, in a hilariously unexpected move, launched into the infamous “Fly Eagles Fly” flapping motion. Once Hart began speaking about how he’d predicted the game’s outcome, it became pretty clear that the funnyman was three sheets to the wind.

“I’ve been drinking!” he admitted. “I’m on cloud nine … I started the celebration early, but [this win] was supposed to happen.”

When Deion Sanders, a former NFL player turned anchor, attempted to keep him from falling backwards off the stage, Hart exclaimed, “I’m not drunk … I’m having a good time, get off of me!” before being asked how he planned on celebrating the win (although it was pretty clear he’d already gotten started).

Hart responded, “I’m having a good time. Philadelphia is a great city! I hope this is an example of what we can do. We gave a f**k .” Once he realized what he’d said, in true comedic form, Hart hilariously ran off the stage. But his interview tomfoolery wasn’t the only thing Hart did that had people laughing.

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Earlier in the evening, the 38-year-old attempted to get on stage with members of the Eagles squad, but he ran into a person-shaped wall, and even his fame couldn’t help him past it. Cameras caught the him unsuccessfully pleading his case with security at the base of the stage while players streamed past him. As it turns out, his own wife Eniko Parrish had warned him not to make the embarrassing attempt — and he definitely wishes he had listened.

Hart shared a video on his Facebook early this morning calling his failed stage crashing one of the “stupidest things [he’s] ever done.”

He jokingly said:

To all the kids out there, I just want to say don’t drink. You know, when alcohol is in your system, you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go on stage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done, but who cares! The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Yeah, I’m a little tipsy, but the world can kiss my ass. … My wife was the first one to say, “Babe, don’t go up there.” I told my wife, “No honey, chill out, I got to be up there with my city.” It didn’t work out good! The man did his job, didn’t he? He said, “Kevin Hart, I know who you are, but you can’t be up here.” I said, “Hell if I can’t.” I went to walk, he put his hand on my chest.

Better luck — and much less booze — next year, Kev!

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