Khloé Kardashian Calls Out Paparazzi Who Mistook Her for Kourtney

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It happened again — Khloé got confused with her older sister, Kourtney. Lucky for us, the youngest Kardashian created a presentation on her Instagram story to help people tell the two apart.

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On Monday, Kim and Khloé were spotted getting out of a car in New York City. A video clip shows someone yelling, “Kourtney!” as Khloé steps onto the sidewalk.

Paparazzi Call Khloé Kardashian By the Wrong Name

Later that day, Khloé posted a friendly message to “those who can’t tell me and @kourtneykardash apart” on her Instagram story.

“I totally understand how we look like identical twins so this might be challenging for some but hopefully this presentation will help,” the Revenge Body host wrote.

@khloekardashian/Instagram via TMZ

Khloé included a visual guide to help fans distinguish the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The edited image showed the sisters lined up in order of height, starting with Kourtney at the 5 ft. marker and ending with Kendall Jenner at 5’10”. Next to her stood Khloé, just as tall.

Another difference Khloé pointed out was that she tends to have blonde hair most of the time, while Kourtney typically opts to keep her natural raven locks.

According to TMZ, Khloé admitted that there was some resemblance between her and her sister. “Kourtney is fabulous, gorgeous, hysterical so I get how people mix us up,” she said.

@khloekardashian/Instagram via TMZ

This isn’t the first time that Khloé has been mistaken for Kourtney. In fact, she says it happens “on a daily basis multiple times a day.”

It’s not just something that happens to Khloé, either. During Kourtney’s Las Vegas wedding to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, the Elvis impersonator officiating the ceremony called the bride by her younger sister’s name.

The Kardashian family resemblance seems to shine through despite Khloé’s admission that she’s had some work done, including a nose job. She’s also confessed to using face-editing applications on her photos.

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