Khloe Kardashian Says ‘These Are Not My Nipples,’ Asks Instagram Not to Ban Her

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s not a nipple, Khoe Kardashian said. It’s a (barely covered) nipple, and there is a difference, she added.

Kardashian, 36, made the claim during an Instagram Live story, which showed her on the set of sister Kourtney’s shoot for her new gummy line, Lemme.

“We are on set of Lemme, doing a little secret project,” Khloe said in the video, sort of not exposing her nipples. “We’re still trying to find Kourt, but we’re on set.” 

Khloe then brought up her rhinestone outfit, stressing that her attire was indeed appropriate for social media.

“By the way, these are not my nipples, these are nipple covers, so everyone stay calm,” she said. “Instagram, don’t ban me, carry on, nipple covers.” 


While the rest of the world was looking at Khloe’s covers, she remained determined in her quest to find her sister. She shared another video showing she had done exactly that.

“10 hours later I found her,” Khloe revealed, before panning the camera to Kourtney. “Look who I found!”

It should be noted that Kourtney’s outfit didn’t require a plea to Instagram. It should also be noted that Khloe’s Instagram account remains alive and well. So, no worries there for Kardashian fans.

In fact, many are hoping to see more of Khloe, perhaps even more than she’s already revealed.

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