Kim Kardashian and “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli are apparently friends now Instagram/Danielle Bregoli
Instagram/Danielle Bregoli

“Cash Me Outside” teen Danielle Bregoli was recently spotted taking a picture with Kim Kardashian.

Of course, social media gadflies loved every dramatic second of it.

Kardashian threw up a peace sign with Boynton Beach’s Bregoli, so does this means things are cool between the two? It’s hard to tell.

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See, I can play nice too 😇🖤

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The caption on the photo reads, “See, I can play nice too 😇🖤,” which is a clapback to the backlash Bregoli received after going on a rant about the Kardashian family in February.

TMZ reported that Kardashian didn’t know who Bregoli was and thought she was simply “a fan.”

However, people close to Bregoli told TMZ that Kardashian was denying photos with others but took one with the teen.

Bregoli, who became famous after appearing on Dr. Phil’s TV show with her mother, has been in the news recently after pleading guilty to multiple charges including grand theft auto and possession of marijuana.

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