Kim Zolciak-Biermann gushes over the man she never thought she’d marry in her advice for the new year


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Videos by Rare

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has some advice she wants fans to take to heart in the new year, and she explained it by sharing a touching message about her relationship with husband Kroy Biermann.

The “Real Housewife of Atlanta” began a heartfelt Instagram post on Wednesday, which features two adorable photos of her and the NFL star, by pointing out that she and her husband are opposites in many ways and that she was surprised by how they’re able to make it work.

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“I just love him so much! He rarely irritates me… but boy when he does,” she joked. “[W]e are complete opposites in EVERYTHING from parenting, food preference, our hobbies, etc but we have the same attitude of gratitude, passion for each other, huge hearts that are full of love and we both are good looking AF.”

“No but really… I never would entertain dating an athlete (had too many of them as my friends),” she continued. “And if you would of told me that A NFL player from Montana that’s drives a Honda Accord, or a HUGE truck that has more tires then I can count .. is almost 8 years younger then me and no children would be husband for life.. I would of laughed in your face!”

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Zolciak-Biermann then encouraged her fans to have open hearts and minds in 2018 because you never know what or who may come along when you least expect it.

“My point is YOU NEVER KNOW!” she said. “Open your heart and mind in 2018 you might be surprised with what you find. Kroy is the best thing that has EVER happened to me and I’m so grateful everyday for him.. every single day!! So grateful that when I think about him and all the joy he has brought me I tear up. Stop assuming and start living! Do it for YOU! God has a plan!! Ler go and Let God!”

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