Followers of “Saturday Night Live,” “Star Wars” and video games had their fanboy dreams come true in an amusing update to a new game.

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Kylo Ren, the villain played by Adam Driver in the latest “Star Wars” trilogy, made an appearance in a 2016 SNL skit parodying the CBS series “Undercover Boss.” The TV series featured bosses infiltrating their own workplaces to walk a mile in their employee’s shoes. In the goofy “SNL” skit, Ren went undercover in at “Starkiller Base” as Matt the radar technician, where he failed at the daily tasks stormtroopers managed with ease.

“Star Wars” devotees saw the popular character Matt reemerging as an available modification for “Battlefront 2” video game, where Kylo Ren’s looks could be switched out for the lovable radar tech.

People, of course, were excited at the chance to revisit a fan favorite in funny new way.

“I almost want to go get a PS4 just to play as radar tech Matt in Battlefront 2,” tweeted one user.

Another joked that the viral meme of Kylo Ren shirtless would be next to pop up as an option in the game. The game mod may be funny, but we’ll have to play and see if it makes your character as silly as in the SNL sketch!

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