It’s finally here!

On Sunday night, Lady Gaga takes the stage for what could a death defying and epic Super Bowl Halftime show performance!

It has been speculated that Gaga may bring Beyonce onstage with her for a guest performance, but the craziest part of the show may come if she performs on the roof of the stadium as she has hinted in the past!

Ahead of the performance, Gaga shared another tease with her fans in her own Instagram story and on Instagram’s official account.

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“I will be playing the halftime show for Super Bowl LI. You are here with us today, getting a behind-the-scenes peek at our preparation for the show,” she said before blowing a kiss at the camera.

She can later be seen dancing with her background dancers to silence. We won’t know which songs she will perform until she hits the stage. In the short clip, she is also spotted getting a sweat sesh in at the gym.

Gaga also took a moment to FaceTime with her grandmother, Grandma Ronnie who tells her she looks “beautiful.” It was a sweet moment before the biggest performance of her life!

Tune in on Sunday, Feb. 5 to see Lady Gaga’s Halftime performance during Super Bowl LI.

(h/t PEOPLE)

Lady Gaga shares another sneak peek just before taking the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime show Instagram/Instagram Official
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