“Last Jedi” editor admits he regrets the way he killed character off (Warning: Spoilers) Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

WARNING: If you haven’t seen “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” this is your last chance to turn back!

If you blinked too quickly while watching “The Last Jedi,” you might have missed the death of a notable character in the “Star Wars” universe.

Remember this guy?


Or maybe you remember him here?


Perhaps you’ll remember…


Admiral Ackbar, beloved hero of the rebellion, made a highly anticipated appearance in the most recent Star Wars film.

…only to die an anti-climactic, off-screen death.

“Star Wars” fans wondered where they could find some basic respect for the leader.

The moment was described as “meandering,” “offensive,” and “thoughtless.”

Now, the creators are expressing some shame with how the situation was handled.

Editor Bob Ducsay confirmed that Ackbar’s death was “designed” to be the way it was, but told HuffPost in an interview that he had a few regrets with the way it all went down:

It’s interesting that you mentioned it, because I watched the film last night and I thought, hmmm, maybe that’s too incidental. It’s a very funny thing about that because what happens … I don’t typically watch movies that I work on much afterwards, because you’re so familiar with it. But this movie I’ve seen now a couple times with an audience. And it occurred to me last night that what does happen when I watch movies … is I generally find things that are like, hmmm, I wonder if I should do that differently. Which is some really horrible form of personal criticism because there’s really nothing to be done.

We also wonder what might have been done differently.

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