Last night, a favorite contestant left ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay hanging in a major way

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Imagine getting to the end of the Bachelorette, beating out every other contestant on the show and spending weeks getting to know someone you’re intended to marry.

And telling them no.

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That’s exactly what contestant Peter Kraus told Rachel Lindsay last night over dinner. The pair got to talking closely, starting with Kraus’ last girlfriend and their breakup. It was something that he blamed himself for, he said, for some time.

Getting back to a place where he could “give all his love” took some time. And he told Rachel that though he thinks he’s ready to open up to someone else, it’s not certain.

“I hope to be ready to give my heart up again to someone else,” he said. “If I am having reservations and we’re getting that far into it, I would let you know.”

Kraus says he wants any proposal to be “because that is 100% where [his] heart is at.”

That means, of course, that he might not propose, writes TMZ. That makes it Rachel’s risk to take.

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