The Roloffs are the stars of “Little People, Big World,” which has aired on TLC since 2006.

The show follows Matt and Amy Roloff, who both have dwarfism, and their four children. Since the premiere, the family has grown to include in-laws and grandchildren.

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Here are some facts you may not know about the reality stars.

  1. Son Jacob dropped out of high school and moved out of his parents’ home shortly after turning 18. He is no longer on the show due to a contract dispute.
  2. The Roloffs run a farm, Roloff Farms, in Oregon. One of the family’s farmhands was deported for a drug-related incident.
  3. Matt and Amy divorced in 2015. Both have since found new partners.
  4. All the Roloff children are average height except for son Zach, who has achondroplasia, just like Amy. Zach’s baby son, Jackson, also has achondroplasia.
  5. Amy shares a birthday with her daughter, Molly — September 17.
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