Logan Paul says he deserves a second chance — and people have strong opinions

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Videos by Rare

YouTube star Logan Paul was bashed within an inch of his life — online that is — after posting a disturbing video in which he filmed himself with a corpse in the Japanese “suicide forest.”

The 22-year-old internet star was met with swift outrage, even after tweeting out a statement of apology and followup video. YouTube — after facing its own backlash for its slow response — finally addressed the comedian’s actions, announcing that he would be pulled from their official partner channels, putting an end to his monetized videos, production would be halted on his upcoming projects.

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“I didn’t do it for views,” internet star wrote, adding “for the first time in my life I’m regretful to say I handled that power incorrectly. It won’t happen again.”

After weeks of seemingly going underground, Paul reemerged and told TMZ that he could be redeemed.

“Everyone deserves second chances, bro,” he told the cameraman, adding that he’d learned “everything” from this experience.

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Considering he’d been cited for several instances of controversial behavior, many in the public refuse to let him off the hook so soon.

Twitter user Kyle Burton (@Tigerkyle2011) responded to a fan calling for Paul to be forgiven, writing, “I hate to say it Druscilla but I believe his second chance was not to upload the video after editing it. If he wants to make a life for himself he’ll find a way, I just don’t think it’s in any sorta film industry.”

Another user pointed out that “no one deserves anything” and if the online prankster wants to a second chance, he has “to earn it.”

For another commenter, Paul would have to make amends to the family of the suicide victim he posted on the web to show “he is genuinely sorry.”


It’ll be very interesting if the disgraced online celeb goes that route, but until then, the public will just have to wait and see.

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