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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 10: Actor John Stamos (L) and actress Lori Loughlin attend 2016 TV Land Icon Awards at The Barker Hanger on April 10, 2016 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for TV Land)

When actor John Stamos tied-the-knot with Caitlin McHugh in February, many of his old “Full House” castmates were present — but his onscreen wife Lori Loughlin couldn’t make it.

“We were all invited. Unfortunately Candace [Cameron Bure] and I already committed to go to the Super Bowl months and months and months in advance so we couldn’t be there. But we certainly were all invited,” Loughlin told Us Weekly. “All the Hallmark executives were taking us to the Super Bowl. It was so much fun, but we already committed to that. So we unfortunately could not be at John’s wedding.”

But he 53-year-old actress did find time to congratulate her longtime colleague.

“I sent flowers, and I was really bummed that I already had plans,” Loughlin admitted. “Dave [Coulier] went, Jodie [Sweetin] went. I think Bob [Saget] was there. Candace and I would have been there, we just unfortunately — timing. And Caitlin and John — they were a little last-minute in their planning and preparation, and we had already committed to something else.”

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Loughlin has been speaking about her TV husband a lot lately.

In another recent interview, she shared the parenting advice for the soon-be-father.

“I don’t think John needs any parental advice. I think John is going to be a great dad, but of course, he knows I’m here for him should he need any; but I think him and Caitlin have it covered,” Lori shared as Stamos prepares to welcome his first child. “I will say this: He is very complimentary to me about my own girls. I have two girls who are 18 and 19, and he just adores them.”

“We were talking a couple of weeks ago, and he said to me, ‘You and [your husband] should write a book on how to parent kids, because your girls are so great,’ which is such a high compliment,” she continued. “We shouldn’t write a book, but it was so sweet of him to say that.”

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