Madonna Says She Wears Grillz to Hide Her ‘Really Ugly Teeth’

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Videos by Rare

Madonna’s been rocking grillz for decades and she just admitted that it’s because she thinks her teeth are “really ugly.” During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the diva and icon revealed her newest pair of grillz. She custom designed them as a birthday present for herself as she was about to turn 64.

The conversation began with Madonna talking about her new grillz. “If I start lisping, will you tell me?” she asks Fallon.

Madonna soon starts explaining to Fallon just how people started dancing to her music. After all these years, the star has sold over 400 million—and as she points out, “that’s a lot of dancing.” Apparently, she used to bring cassette tapes to various DJs back in the 80s—most of whom avoided her and “ran away.” But there was one DJ who thought she was cute, and she managed to convince him to play her music. The whole room got up and danced, and that was the start of her epic career.

Madonna Was Once Told Career Was Over Because She Accidentally Showed Her Butt

Madonna has a way of making things a little dark. Her sense of humor is a little dark. Madonna’s manager had once told her that her career was over because her dress flipped up and she accidentally showed her butt on stage… And right when the tone started to get dark, she brought up her grillz again.

“I feel I’m lisping right now,” she says, cautiously putting her hand up to her face.

Madonna is sure that she’s lisping and says, “I can take the bottom one out.”

“No, I like it,” says Fallon. “Leave it all in, it all sounds good.”

 “People have a problem with my grillz, I don’t know why.”

Fallon asks how her grillz fetish started and she responds, “I just like the way it looks. Mouth jewelry. And I have really ugly teeth.”

It’s difficult imagining the Queen of Pop having any kind of insecurity. After all, she was rocking massive conical breast armor and all sorts of risqué outfits way before anyone else. But as it turns out, no one is perfect.

Unless, of course, you remember that Madonna’s cure for her insecurity is to just rock grillz. That’s pretty perfect in its own right. Yes, Queen.

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