With Christmas just around the corner, Mark Wahlberg rounded up his beautiful family to wish everyone a happy holiday.

The A-list actor tweeted his well wishes to his nearly 4 million Twitter followers Tuesday night.

The cute card featured Wahlberg and his wife of eight years Rhea Durham, 39, surrounded by their four kids: Ella Rae, 14, Michael, 11, Brendan Joseph, 9, and Grace Margaret, 7.

While many family Christmas cards are formal affairs, or include matching outfits, the Wahlbergs’ season’s greeting was a sunnier affair, with the big brood pictured hanging out in their swimsuits on what appears to be a yacht.

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Wahlberg — who stars in the upcoming film “All the Money in the World,” which premieres on Christmas Day — captioned the adorable photo “The Wahlberg family Christmas card,” and it featured a religious message, which fits in perfectly with the Roman Catholic actor’s values.

“Hope, Faith, Love. Thankful for God’s many blessings. Best wishes, the Wahlberg family – 2017,” it read.

In November, the “Daddy’s Home 2” actor opened up to reporters about what holidays in his household were like, while promoting the Christmas flick.

?I’m very involved, though I don’t cook all that much … when it comes to the holiday, my wife does the decorating, my wife purchases the gifts,” he shared.


“I make sure I get something special for her. I plan the vacation and take them away on a holiday. I?m more involved in the other day-to-day stuff. My wife is actually the master of the holiday, yeah, giving.?

From the looks of their adorable card, their holiday vacation was definitely a big hit!

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