In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan elaborated on the recent pinky injury he suffered, which caused him to miss Tuesday’s episode of the show.

“I guess I’m no mechanic Lol. But I’m all good,” he captioned the video. “Thanks for all of your positive thoughts and well wishes!”

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In the footage, Strahan thanked fans for their “positive thoughts and well wishes” and explained that he lost a small piece of his left pinky finger while working on a car.

“I just won’t mess with the cars in the way that I was because if you do, you might lose a piece of your digit,” Strahan joked in the video. “You gotta be positive about everything.”

He then assured fans that he was healing, saying, “I’ll be fine. I’ll heal up. Fifteen years in the NFL, nothing like this! After all these years I’m done playing, what is wrong? What is wrong with me? But I’ll be fine, I thank you guys so much.”

The former NFL player then lifted his right hand to show off his other pinky, which is completely bent, saying, “If you think that pinky is bad, look at that one. So, my hands are jacked up anyway. It just adds to the allure. Holla!”

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Michael Strahan opens up about the injury that caused him to miss Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” Photo by David Becker/Getty Images
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