Michael Weatherly Reprising ‘NCIS’ Anthony DiNozzo Role Might Just Happen

Get ready, folks, Agent Anthony DiNozzo may be making a triumphant return to NCSI.

Actor Michael Weatherly certainly has the time on his hands now that Bull has been canceled, combined with the fact he and NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder are still close, it at least remains in the realm of possibility. At least one of them has said that a comeback is very possible.

“I absolutely would love to do something like that,” Binder told TV Insider. “That’s going to depend on Michael Weatherly.

“He and I have talked over the years about it and he was always on Bull and [since] he was on Bull, it just seemed weird and not right.”

Weatherly played DiNozzo for 13 years before jumping over to his role as Jason Bull for the last six. He has not taken any time away from working in that timeframe, so relaxation may be the first obstacle to overcome.

“The last conversation I had with him was that he’s going to take some time off and rest because he went from a very difficult schedule on NCIS to headlining his own show for six years, through COVID,” Binder said. “But I can say that I consider him a friend, so it’s not a difficult conversation to have with him. It’s just a question of whether or not it works out.”

Weatherly was first introduced to audiences as NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo Jr. in a JAG two-part episode that served as the first exposure audiences had to what would become NCIS in 2003. DiNozzo emerged as a leading character, elevating his opportunity and catapulting him to the subsequent role as Bull.

In the time that he has been gone, NCIS fans have been given a couple of teases as to his continued existence.

Namely, during the Season 16 finale, Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) made her surprise return. — and then appeared in the first four episodes of Season 17  — before she had to go back to France with Tony and their family. The other major reference was when Tony’s father (Robert Wagner) sent a letter to the NCIS team reaffirm that the family was still happy in France.

Whether those were fan-service or planting seeds for a return may only be answered in time… if DiNozzo suddenly moves back from France, we shall know.

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  1. I was surprised that Bull was cancelled. I really enjoyed that show but I also enjoy NCIS and would be happy if Michael returned as DiNozzo.

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