Millie Bobby Brown is all about the “Stranger Things,” but the request she made of one of the Kardashians is head scratching.

But not too weird for Kim K herself to make it happen.

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The teen tweeted Thursday wishing for something only people truly keeping up with the Kardashians would relate to.

“[H]onestly, all [I] want is for Kourtney K to shake my salad,” she tweeted. It seems the eldest of the Kardashian clan reportedly knows her way around greens.

While Brown’s tweet was likely just a verbal dream, she’s clearly got the star power to make it a reality because Kim Kardashian West herself replied.

“I can arrange this!” tweeted the famous Kim Kardashian West.

Because she definitely wouldn’t be letting her off the hook without a firm schedule, Brown, who plays “Eleven” on the smash Netflix hit, responded, “KIM! Grab your calendar it’s happening. My dream has come true,” followed by a heart emoji.

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Kourtney herself jumped into the thread, responding to the teen’s original tweet message with, “Let’s shake it. ” The salad emoji she added was a perfect touch.

Fans of the trio celebrated Brown having her wishes coming true, with one user tweeting at Kim, “YESS I TRUST YOU TO GET IT DONE AND ON THE SHOW,” while another wanted in on the action.

The Kardashians’ love for salads is well documented throughout their reality show, with their signature salads  — which the sisters vigorously shaking on camera — hailing from “Health Nut,” a Calabasas health food restaurant.

Bon Appétit, ladies!

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