Mom and dad surprise the entire family with this shockingly balanced triplet gender reveal Russell Maybin/YouTube Screenshot
"Our family of 7 found out we were expecting triplets and decided to find out the genders in advance. We had not learned the genders of our twins 3 years before, so this was a big deal. Other videos to check out: The triplet pregnancy announcement found at this link: American history parodies for my history class at the American History Anthems. Here is a link to one:"

The Maybins are a pretty big family.

With five children ranging in age from 19 to 3-year-old twins, mom and dad decided that a few more family members wouldn’t hurt.

But they never assumed that “few” would be triplets.

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As they revealed the genders of their triplets in front of the entire family, the three boys (plus dad) voted for more boys. On the other hand, the two girls and mom voted for more girls.

Ironically, it looks like everyone will be satisfied in this family.

Watch how it all plays out in one epic triplet gender reveal.

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