More women come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 01: Dustin Hoffman attends the 55th New York Film Festival - "Meyerowitz Stories" at Alice Tully Hall on October 1, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

More women are coming forward to accuse Dustin Hoffman, 80, of sexual misconduct.

These accusations follow previous allegations from Anna Graham Hunter, who alleges Hoffman was sexually inappropriate with her when she worked as an intern on one of his movie sets.

Variety published a story Thursday detailing allegations from three women against the Oscar winner.

One recent allegation includes an incident with playwright Cori Thomas, who says Hoffman exposed himself to her when she was 16 in a New York hotel room.

Thomas was a classmate of Hoffman’s daughter and an aspiring actress. In an interview with Variety, Thomas said she spent the day in Manhattan with Hoffman and his daughter.

?This was at first one of the greatest days of my life,? she said. ?One of my idols was spending time with me and talking with me respectfully.?

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At the end of the day, when Hoffman’s daughter departed, Thomas waited in Hoffman’s hotel room for her mother to pick her up. She said he went to the bathroom, and she heard the shower running. When he came out, he was wearing just a towel and exposed himself to her.

She said he then put on a robe and asked Thomas to massage his feet.

?I didn?t know what to do in the circumstance,? she said. ?I didn?t know that I could say no, so I did it. And he kept telling me, ?I?m naked. Do you want to see???

Another account included in Variety’s story includes an account of another woman, Melissa Kester, who said Hoffman sexually assaulted her in a recording studio, putting his hand down her pants. Hoffman was recording music for the film “Ishtar.”


A third woman, who remained anonymous, told Variety Hoffman assaulted her while she worked on “Ishtar” when she was 22 years old. She said he sexually assaulted her in the back of a station wagon.

?There are people inches from us,? she said. ?And he just took his hand and stuck his fingers right up inside of me. I didn?t know what to do. He?s smiling at me. I was frozen. I was outside of my body.?

She said she felt unable to do anything to stop him.

?There were people there,? she said. ?What are they going to think of me, that I?m a whore, if a say something? What would I say? He?s Dustin Hoffman.?


He later asked her to come to his apartment, where they had intercourse.

According to Variety, “Asked if she would describe the encounter in the station wagon as non-consensual, she said ‘yes.’ Asked if she would describe the encounter at the San Remo as such, she said, ‘I don?t know.'”

Hoffman’s attorney, Mark A. Neubauer, said in a letter to Variety’s owner, Penske Media Corp., that the accusations against the actor are “defamatory falsehoods.”

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