New “Deadpool 2” trailer gives us our first look at Josh Brolin’s Cable

Deadpool 2 Trailer (20th Century Fox/YouTube)

Fans of the Marvel comic book-turned-movie “Deadpool” are in for a wild ride when its sequel “Deadpool 2” drops on May 18, and Josh Brolin has a lot to do with that.

The veteran actor is playing villain, “Cable” in the Ryan Reynolds-led feature and from the looks of this new (and hilariously NSFW) trailer, he’s going to be quite the badass.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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The two-minute spot begins with a dark and gritty opening where we hear Brolin narrating bits of his origin story. Fun fact! Cable was “born” and “bred” into war! We know because he says so in the gravelly voice villains seem to pick up once they go to the dark side.

The “Batman-esque — sorry to mix brands, again — intro doesn’t remain that way for long because Ryan Reynold’s “merc with a mouth” jumps in to deliver his signature wit. The trailer pauses for Deadpool to call out an off-screen film editor for forgetting to finish the CGI on Cable’s metal arm, before he decides to comically act out the the rest of the trailer using action figures. Once the aforementioned absurdity wraps up, the trailer continues with a series of awesome clips from the movie including our antihero and his nemesis battling it out. There’s lots of cursing and things blow up! Plus, the jab at Henry Cavill’s terribly CGI’d “Justice League” mustache is a nice touch too.

All in all, it’s set to be a rip roaring good time. In the meantime, whoever’s in charge of promotions should keep it coming with these fourth-wall breaking trailers because they are “box office gold.”

Fans of the R-rated mercenary got a chance to follow along with him as he live-tweeted Sunday night’s Super Bowl. He gave his ever so raunchy insights into the match as he, along with millions of others, watched the Philadelphia Eagles trounce the New England Patriots. Shameless promotion as it were, the tweeting session was definitely humorous nonetheless.

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“Remember that time I was wrist-deep in cocoa butter and Fox called to say they were too cheap to buy a spot in the big game then told me I had to live tweet it? Cause I do… #DPtheSB #SBLII,” Deadpool tweeted.

He shared his thoughts on pop-star Pink, who sang the national anthem prior to kick-off. As you can probably imagine, things got pretty dark and uncouth.

“God, I love Pink (and not just the pop singer),” he wrote. “Besides being my 2nd favorite shade of red, it’s also the color of the inside of people’s outsides and that lady biker gang from Grease.”

Blake Lively, please come get your man.

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